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OFATV Membership/Permit Information

Annual Permit

One calendar year (365 days from date of purchase): $150 ($132.74 + tax) Your new or renewed OFATV Permit is much more than just a trail permit. Joining an OFATV club gives you the opportunity to shape the future of the sport and participate in the development of a province wide trail system.

Up to 75% of your permit dollars are used to build and maintain ATV trails in the area in which you chose to sponsor when you purchased your OFATV trail permit. This is why it is extremely important to “buy where you ride” The remaining 25% pays for government taxes, (HST) liability insurance, government lobbying, and helps to cover the operating expenses of the OFATV.

Family Permit

The OFATV and its member clubs offer a discount for Families wishing to purchase more than 2 permits.

Family Permit rules:

1. All family permit holders must reside in the same household (Same address) and be able to prove it to the retailer / club member with a valid ID. (Drivers license, student card, anything current with a name and address on it)

2. The cost for permit 1 & 2 is $150.00 each (includes HST)

3. The cost for subsequent permits are $100.00 each (Includes HST)

4. Each family permit comes with a membership of the OFATV Club selected as per the clubs bylaws.

5. Each permit comes with 1 trail permit which must be permanently affixed to the ATV to be valid.

6. The permits must all be purchased at the same time and for the same time period.

Three Day Permit

For riders who wish to try an OFATV trail for a couple of days without buying a one year membership there is an OFATV 3 DAY Permit.

Three day permits are available online. 3 day permits are emailed to you if you purchase online, and you must print and take the permit on the trail with you. If you purchase directly from a club or a retailer you will be required to complete a temporary permit form and a copy will be provided for you as proof of purchase while on the trails.

Three day permits are valid for 3 consecutive days starting from the date on the permit. (You may purchase a permit for a future date, simply mark the starting day of your trip on the application.)

The cost for the 3 day permit is $55 including tax

For more information about purchasing a 3 day permit or the trails that you wish to ride, please visit the local clubs web site.

Ontario Permit Overview

What permit do I need to ride the trails? This can be a complicated question. In Ontario there are still several trail organizations that have their own permits. These permits allow you to ride the trails of the parent organization and in some cases multiple trail organizations. Here is an overview of the trail organizations in Ontario and their permits. Also shown is the trail permits in use by each organization.

The goal of the OFATV is to have one trail permit province wide which allows access to all trail systems. This work is ongoing so keep an eye on our website for changes as they come.

More information

For more information about purchasing a trail permit or the trails that you wish to ride, please visit the local clubs web site. For a complete list of clubs see our club page, or if you are unsure where the clubs are try our interactive map.

Please remember that you must always wear a helmet and follow the laws of Ontario. For a complete list please see the regulations page.